Sunday, March 04, 2007

Missed Eclipse

Yesterday was an eclipse of the moon. Luckily there were lots of clouds. Therefore I hadn't a guilty conscience, because I went to the theater instead of watching the moon.
One hour ago while sitting at the computer I spotted the full moon out of my window. It looked so big and bright, it was really amazing. I instantly removed all the flowers from my window sill, opened the window and tried to shoot photos of the moon - even without eclipse.
It didn't work out well. My zoom lens is way to weak and the rotation of the earth is even worse. I shot approx. 20 photos and on each one the moon (or the earth?) moved a little bit. At least it was great to realize that things move.

No, I won't buy a bigger lens. No, I won't. No, I won't.


  1. I know that you want it. You want it! I am sure, you will buy it. Sooner or later.


  3. I missed the eclipse too. And I have an ultrazoom. But I had to take the photo at 1/800 of a second (I got that from spot metering). Then I think you would not get the rotation.