Saturday, March 03, 2007

Shopping Cart

On our way to our lunch break we found an abandoned shopping cart. I forced my colleage to jump in and we did some rallye experiments. I was surprised that he trusted me as a pilot.
I like shopping carts and I like thinking about what one can use them for instead of shopping. Once I heard of a guy that constantly stole carts and use them as cages for his rabbits. I guess I'd use it on my balcony to put flower pots inside.

Sometimes shopping carts remind me of life. You know exactly what it takes to be happy. All you have to do is to grab it, put it in your shopping cart and drive it to the checkout. You are about to grab a cart but you lack the right coin to unlock it.
You search your pockets, as always you don't dare to ask a passerby for a coin and after some minutes you feel bad. All you can do is to leave the happyness on its shelf and go away even unhappier than you arrived. But at least you can blame the locked shopping cart for feeling sad.

On our way back to the office we passed by a bargain sale in a factory hall. It was the same place were we organized the "useless thing competition" a few months ago. We couldn't resist in searching for more useless things. I liked a little prayer drum best. The funny thing was that no one dared to stare at us when we played it. Germans are so damn polite.

Here is a small completely useless video of the cart experience.

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