Friday, May 04, 2007

Order of the Day: Make Love

"Make Love"

So? What exactly to do?
Some orders sound so simple that I'm overburden.
Tips are appreciated.


  1. Go outside, see the fresh colours! Then close the eyes, take a deep breath and feel the sun on the skin!
    Love the spring!
    This love never hurts, it brings joy and energy in our life.

  2. Like Franz Ferdinand told us: "I'm going to make somebody love me". The question is... does that work?

  3. wenn Du einen Tip haben willst, fällt mir dieser Song dazu ein (er sollte auch mit umgekehrten Vorzeichen funktionieren, denke ich):
    I know somethin´about love
    You've gotta show it and make him
    See that moon up above
    Reach out and get it

    If you want him to
    Make your heart sing out
    And if you want him to
    Only think of you

    Tell him that you´re never gonna leave him
    Tell him that you´re always gonna love him
    Tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him right now

    Ever since the world began it has been that way
    For man and woman were created
    To make love their destiny
    Then why should true love be so complicated?

    I know somethin´about love
    You've gotta take it and
    Show him what the world is made of
    One kiss will prove it

    If you want him to be
    Always by your side
    Take his hand tonight
    Swallow your foolish pride

    (am liebsten mag ich "Tell him" von den Shirells)