Thursday, May 10, 2007

Harold and Maude

H&M for me is not a fashion store from Scandinavia but a wonderful old movie from the late 1960s - Harold and Maude.

Harold is a 20 year old boy - very sad, a little bit strange and with a affection in arranging fake suicides.
Maude is a almost 80 year old woman. She's very full of live, steals cars and lives in an old railway wagon.
What both connect is their love in attending funerals.
With old Maude, young sad Harold experiences how to live and how to feel alive.

I just came back from the cinema. Although I already knew Harold and Maude I could not resist in watching it again.
The film is very inspiring for me every time and the music from Cat Stevens is great.
It would be great to know people like Maude.

Harold and Maude is supposed to be seen with friends. For some reason I've been there on my own. Not as nice as possible but by far better than missing to meet Maude.

PS: I even love the small cinema. One can decide whether he wants to pay 5.0, 5.50 or 6 Euro.

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