Saturday, May 26, 2007

Public Sleeping, Part 1

[Watch this photo in high resolution on my Flickr account...]

Did you ever sleep in public?
Those guys did - at least they tried to.
Last week there was a big cultural event in Nuremberg called "Blaue Nacht" (Blue Night). The whole inner city was full of artists, little concerts and art performances and a lot of the old buildings were illuminated blue. I spent the whole night wandering around, speaking with artists and passers-by and shooting photos.
The historic town hall was filled with IKEA beds and an artist called Su Jeong Shin performed a kind of public sleeping with actors.
I arrived late at night and the actors were long gone. Most of the beds were occupied by visitors of the Blue Night and this gave me the perfect opportunity to shoot some photos of chilling people hanging out beneath beddings.
I aimed with my camera at them and said "Sleep!". Believe me or not, most of them closed their eyes.
Amazing how relaxed people look on photos when they simply close their eyes.

If you want you can see some more sleeping pics on my Flickr account here.

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