Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fake Liberty

The steel bars are behind you. You think what you feel is liberty. But then you realize that only your feet are outside the cage. You'd never be able to snake the rest of your body through the bars.
The 5 seconds with the feeling of not being caught any longer felt great but the frustration afterwards neutralizes it completely.
No escape yet. Find a proper door or wait until you served your time in arrest.

I guess I will search for the door.


  1. Take care of you! Suddenly you can be very alone and without hold in the cosmos if you break out from your structures.
    Better, you wait until somebody enter your world and nestles with you.
    Of course your door must be open for this version, too.

  2. sunsayler is totally right about this.
    Open up your door.

  3. "Im Grunde sind es immer die Verbindungen mit Menschen, die dem Leben seinen Wert geben."