Monday, August 27, 2007


It's forbidden to park bikes

Everyone is a little rebel from time to time. Probably a minimum amount of disobedience is mandatory to give you the impression that you can do whatever you want.
Although it's an illusion and you know about it, being just a little disobedient may feel good occasionally.

I shot the two photos in Erlangen and Bayreuth and they made me smirk.

Keep door shut

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  1. Yesterday, I had to bring my husband to the Emergency Room. In front of where we parked our car, a nurse stood leaning against a post smoking a cigarette. Just in front of her was a sign that read, “No smoking beyond this point”. We joked about taking a photo of her subtle rebel ways, but then my husband suggested, “Knowing my luck, that will end up being my nurse!” FYI, some staples and bandages later we left with little damage, except to our pockets.