Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Sock of Death

Did you ever confront someone with an old sock? Probably not, right?
We tried that last Sunday at the Taubertal Festival. The concert of Mika was kind of boring and didn't catch our attention. I found an old sock at the muddy bottom, put it on a stick and a few second later it turned into a black ghost hovering in front of the faces of some strangers.
My camera man stepped in front of the strangers and smirked at them like a lunatic. And while they tried to find out why the jerk is grinning like hell the sock of death appeared.
Surprisingly most of the folks laughed with us. Only the last one got a little bit angry and broke the stick.
Although there was a significant risk of getting some punches we had a lot of fun wit h the sock of death.

The best thing was that two very funny folks which saw us doing the sock thing took revenge. The followed us with a thing on a stick that was completely different from a rotten sock. But this is a completely different story.

Thanks to my imfamous camera man for shooting and editing the footage.


  1. Völlig crazy, aber Idee/Drehbuch und Kamera/Schnitt - super!

  2. Leider kann ich das Video nicht sehen, aber ich glaube gern, dass das Konzert langweilig war. Hier wird Mika im Radio hoch und runter gespielt und im Fitnessstudio läuft es ständig in den isländischen Musikshows (Das ist der Grund, warum ich seit Wochen nicht dort war ;) ).

  3. And you are my boss.. there's hope there's hope there's hope ^^

  4. hee hee... that was awesome! :)
    and the sock holder was a cutie!