Monday, September 03, 2007


Almost untrained - signed up anyhow - 1 minute faster than last time, though.
I really love that Marathon feeling - especially the Fränkische Schweiz Marathon.

Hopefully I can exchange the 4 from 01:43:29 with a 3 next time. Damn lazyness.

This is alreay my 3rd or 4th posting about Inline Skate Marathons. Is my life going in circles or am I just trying to repeat the good parts?

Berlin 2006
Fränksiche Schweiz Marathon 2006

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  1. If you ever return to Austin, be sure to bring your rollarblades and hit the Veloway ( It is a 5.1 km long, 7 m wide path. It is only for bikers and rollarbladers so you are sure to get a great workout without having to deal with runners and cars in the way. Unless things have changed, there are no rentals available at the location.