Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Your Order Please

Imagine a restaurant. The waitress comes and ask you for your order. Instead of telling her your wish you say that you formed the order out of plasticine and it's up to her to find it out.
Wouldn't it be cool if the waitress wouldn't look at you with that I-guess-you-are-a-complete-idiot-look but simply say "One tomato soup and rice with vegetables"?

You know what - exactly this happened to me yesterday. Ok, the waitress needed some hints for the rice dish but she succeeded at the 3rd try - and she did perfect for the tomato soup.

In the end she wasn't happy when I tried to knead her tip out of plasticine but then she joined me in laughing.

It's so great if you don't have to explain your behavior all the time.


  1. :) :) Vielleicht sollte ich das auch mal versuchen, dann wuerde ich nicht immer bei Hamburgern laden, dem einzigsten Gericht, was ich ohne Probleme uebersetzen kann und von dem ich weiss, dass mich der Geschmack nicht umbringen wird (anders als das eine Nationalgericht: verrotteter Fisch).

  2. Hmmm... ich hätte es für Tomaten-Mozarella Salat gehalten...

  3. ;) This is so funny!!, I will invite you for dinner one day and kiddo plis bring your toys!