Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Compound Glimpse

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Did you ever think about how an insect glimpses at our human all-days-life? It flies through your apartment watching you fighting with you vacuum cleaner or ironing your clothes. I'm pretty sure that the value of those tasks won't be too obvious for the fly. Well, sometimes it's hard for me, too.
This thoughts remind me of a very great book I read a few years ago. It's an old Science Fiction story called "Picknick am Wegesrand" by Boris and Arkadi Strugatzki.
The book tells about aliens that visited the earth leaving contaminated zones, don't caring about the humans and leaving without any contact.
The humans were like insects watching humans doing a picnic at the roadside. The insects see big life forms doing strange things and they have no clue what's it all about.
I'm pretty sure that we ARE the insects in many cases.

This photo is my contribution for this week to "Project: Glimpse" on Flickr. The task for this week was simple "Glimpse".

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