Sunday, October 21, 2007


Kontaktfreudig (outgoing)

On Saturday I had my second expedition with my small chalk board. I went to Frankfurt with a friend for visiting an exhibition and had my chalk board with me. We strolled through the streets with no idea and let the chalk board guide us.

I saw some signs in front of a store. One of them said "Kontakt" (contact). I didn't get the story behind that sign but I thought that "Kontakt" could be cool for adding some different meanings using the chalk board. Therefore we asked passers-by whether they want to help us.
In the end it turned out that it was really great for making 2-minute-contacts to absolute strangers. I think the strangers liked it, too - of course only after the mandatory 2 seconds of panic similar to Mana Mana).

Maybe I should have the small chalk board with me all the time. Probably it would make me a more outgoing person.

Kontaktscheu (contact avoiding, shy)

Blickkontakt (eye contact)

Kontaktanzeige (lonely hearts ad)

Wackelkontakt (loose connection)


  1. I definitively like the »Wackel Kontakt« :-)

  2. Wieder einmal eine klasse Fotoserie! Ich habe echte Probleme damit, wildfremde Leute anzureden.

  3. ey DMY...alles ok :) schöne idee!