Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Project: Glimpse, Day 3: The Fridge

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The topic for today was "The Fridge". I wasn't aware that my refrigerator is that American. I opened the door and was immediately surrounded by bullets. A clan of Indians was fighting with some cowboys for a bottle of "Texicana Salsa" sauce.
I'm really upset that the little folks don't respect my privacy. Apart from that I think they overacted a little bit because the quality of the sauce is more or less mediocre.
For the moment I let the guys in the fridge and hope they will come to a conclusion prior to my next hunger attack.
Since I closed the door of the fridge I can hardly hear the shooting sounds. That’s at least something.

Here is the photo of Julie for the same topic...

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  1. Oh, der "Indianer im Küchenschrank" lässt grüßen. Der war süß, muss ich demnächst unbedingt mal wieder gucken.