Monday, October 01, 2007

Project: Glimpse - Introduction

This is one of the few postings without photo. I want to introduce to you a new small project I'm involved in - it is called Project: Glimpse.

A few days ago I searched Flickr for a inspirations for wedding photos because I had to shoot the wedding of my sister. Usually I strictly refuse to shoot such events but I made a very special exception for my sister.
I got in touch with a photographer with wedding-photo experience from Atlanta, USA called Julie and asked her to give me some basic tips. She gave me a few very useful hints and the most important was "relax".

Apart from talking about wedding photos we exchanged some thoughts about photography in general and about differences.
This conversation ended in the idea to do a small photo project together using Flickr.

During this "Project: Glimpse" Julie and I try to shoot a photo of the same thing/situation every day (at least for the first week). Our targets will be small aspects of our all-day-lifes. Goal is to learn about our differences on things/situations that are supposed to be kind of similar at the first glance.

I'm very curious what differences will show up regarding
American vs. European
Male vs. Female
Single vs. Married

If you want you can follow "Project: Glimpse" on
a) Discussions about "Project: Glimpse": [Link...]
b) The photo pool of "Project: Glimpse": [Link...]

I'm really excited about sharing glimpses of our lifes between continents.

Today was the first day. See the following posts for more details.


  1. Julie is excited too!

  2. Great idea. Since I´m sitting literally between North America and Europe, I would like to join the project.