Saturday, October 06, 2007

Project: Glimpse, Day 5 / Nearby History

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Today I had to shoot a photo of a historic place nearby for Project: Glimpse. First of all I though about simply taking a photo of the imperial castle in Nuremberg or of the Nazi rally ground.

After a few minutes of thinking about it I came to the conclusion that this would be too obvious and that I want to share glimpses of the pearls in my direct neighbourhood.

There is this small village named Cadolzburg near the village where I live. Both of them are west of Nuremberg in southern Germany.
Cadolzburg is an assembly of humble small houses surrounded by forests and all kinds of green. Nothing special except the big castle in the middle. It's really amazing to see how much the medieval guys overacted. The building is really oversized and one would never expect such a castle in a small village.
I like the view from this spot a lot. Unfortunately I was stuck in the office and the daylight was almost gone when I arrived in Cadolzburg. My last chance was to use my tripod and to shoot some long exposure photos for a HDR photo.

Actually I don't know much about all the historic pearls near me. Hopefully this project will re-activate the pearl diver skills in me again. I already hold my breath.

Here is the photo of Julie for the same topic...

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