Saturday, October 27, 2007


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These eggs are typical for German supermarkets. They are made of chocolate with a little plastic toy inside.
Sometimes they contain little collectable figures and one could overserve people in the supermarket shaking one egg after the other trying to find the eggs with the figures by listening to the noise.
Really strange if you ask me.

I imagine being shaken by someone who wants to get to know me. He/she simply shakes me and finds out whether I'm worth keeping. Or vice versa. Nice or frightening thought? Let me think when I had the feeling of being shaken recently...

Are the eggs available outside Germany, too?

This photo is my contribution for this week's assignment of "Project: Glimpse", a little photo project I started on Flickr together with Julie and a few others.

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  1. Oh Udo, believe me, you would be so worth keeping. In your case, its just very hard to crack the outside to get to the real nice inside.