Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stealing Time

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Did you ever try to steal time?
Tonight I don't have to because Europe is switching back from Daylight Saving Time and I get one hour as a gift.
Although I will probably sleep during this free hour (3AM to 4AM) it's interesting to think about what can be achived in 1 hour.
I already started to browse my memory for the most intense hour I can think of.
Actually I can't tell you the answer without thinking - is that a bad sign?
No I think it isn't. I know that my life is full of intense moments. Probably I'm simply too sleepy when they happen - similar to the gift hour tonight.

This photos is part of a little series giving evidence that stealing time is possible. See more photos here.
By the way: The golden clock is now hanging in a kind of conference room in our office.

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  1. At least you can borrow time when you fly west and give it back when you fly east. That's what came to my mind on my trip to the USA.