Monday, October 08, 2007

Zoo-m Lens

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On Sunday I felt like using my big lens. It was a beautiful autumn day and I really had to go outside. My idea was to go to the Nuremberg Zoo and playing around with animal photography.
I don't like zoos in general because the imprisoned animals always make me sad. This time it was ok because I had something to do and because the most sad animals - the gorillas - were not in their cages.
Here are some of my photos.

If you want you can see more of them on my flickr account.
Shooting the animals was ok but not as exciting as being on one of my "Digipirsches" through a city and taking photos of people

Red Panda (by kosmonautica)

Lazy Polar Bear (by kosmonautica)

Dunno-the-name-ape 2 (by kosmonautica)

Cheetah / Gepard (by kosmonautica)

Don't turn around (by kosmonautica)


  1. ohhhhhhhhhh pengus cousins!!! now he´s happy :)

  2. This may be a stupid question, but what does "Digipirsches" translate to in English? I tried to find a translation of it on the web with no luck. - Thanks