Friday, November 02, 2007


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The place where you sleep is supposed to be one of the most intimate places in your apartment, isn't it? Well, then I must be a lunatic to post photos of it into the Internet.

Why do so many sleeping places look like blue Swedish furniture stores? It's really frightening.

I don't like my sleeping room much and I'm constantly thinking about how to make it more cosy. My first step should be to buy a new matress and build a platform to put it on. I don't like real beds much.

Any proposals appreciated.

The photo has some additional notes on it. You have to click on it to see them on Flicr.

This is my contribution for my little Flickr group "Project: Glimpse". The task for this week was "Bedside".

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  1. so let´s wait for the pics of the base you will build yourself ,I really want to see that, but take pics from the whole process