Thursday, November 01, 2007

(Don't) Touch Me

I really think that some statements mean just the opposite than the written or spoken words.

Did you ever say "no" meaning "yesyesyes"?

Sometimes when I get "no" for an answer I ask "do you really mean 'no' or did you mean 'actually yes but please ask me three times more'?". On the other hand I do no-but-actually-yes-things, too.

It's really strange how often we behave quite contrary to how we feel.
Maybe some of these statements are just calls for disobedience.

For some reason I think about opposites or paradoxias things very often these days.

The sign above hung around the neck of a giant Teddy Bear in Frankfurt.
An old lady saw us making photos with the chalk board and the Teddy and found the idea with the opposite statements kind of funny. I asked her whether I can take a photo of her holding the "Touch Me" chalk board but she was too shy (although she was apretty cool).
But she allowed me to shoot her hand holding the board.
Do you see the shoe? The lady told me that this is her dancing shoe and that she just came from dancing. It was at around noon and she said that old persons don't dance at night but in the morning.

Could be a cool thing to start your day, couldn't it? Unfortunately I can't dance at all.


  1. ... but you can learn it :-)
    And you are totally right, it is a fantastic thing to start your day with dancing. Just try it!

  2. Actually in Thuringia, we say often "no" (spelling like a very short "no") for "yes". We are misinterpreted in the other parts of Germany.