Sunday, November 18, 2007

Just Add Eyes

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The sandwich of my colleague looked somewhat strange. I looked at it until I found out what was wrong with it.
It was an alligator and just the eyes were missing. Just by adding two coffee beans from the table decoration the sandwich turned into its real destination - an sandwich alligator.

In so many situations I'm aware that I'm pretty close to the core of it but I don't manage to find out what's missing to make it clear. I really have to improve my skills in adding eyes to my life.


  1. Bin ja sonst nicht so für Haustiere, aber diesen entzückenden Kerl (scheint mir noch sehr jung zu sein, hab ich recht?) würd ich glatt nehmen.

  2. :-) Ich sehe Eisalligatoren und du Sandwichkrokodile. Die Welt da draußen ist wirklich gefährlich!