Sunday, November 04, 2007

Mind Mustard

In German there is the saying "seinen Senf dazugeben". Literally translated it means "to add the own mustard to something".
In the figurative sense it means to comment something (mostly without being asked for).

I just had a short chat with a friend and the term "Gedankensenf" (mind mustard) came up. We immediately started to think how mind mustard would look like.

Sometimes my head is so full with mind mustard that I fear it fights its way out of my head - probably through the ears. Thoughts, ideas, questions, fears - just overwhelming from time to time.
What would happen if one doesn’t let it out - would the head simply explode?

At the moment I'm grinning because my current mind mustard imagines the girl that kisses my ear right now and doesn't dare to ask whether it smells like mustard. OK, it's very unlikely but a funny thought. On the other hand she would run away after I explained that I put mustard in my ear and published the photo in the Internet.
Maybe the mind mustard should stay where it was created - INSIDE my head.

Inspired by Löwensenf Extra

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