Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sales Girl Princess

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There are working days and there are princess days.
Working days are not necessarily bad but the are, well, common.
A princess day has at least one short moment that lifts your spirit and inspires you.
Most of the time it's hard to make a day a princess day but it's surprisingly easy to help others switching their day into princess mode.

The girl on the photo was the sales girl in an accessory shop in the Main Station in Nuremberg. While shooting some photos in the shop I asked her what of the products she like most was never bought so far and whether she's waiting for someone to buy that special thing. She had no idea what I was talking about.
I couldn't believe that she hasn't a favorite product.
Then I saw that princess diadem and asked her whether she wants to be a princess for a moment. She was very very reluctant at the beginning but then the royal pride found its way out and she turned into a princess for a short moment. Just long enough to shoot a photo.
I'm pretty sure that she started to look for her favorite product right afterwards.
Hopefully she had more princess moments during the rest of her working day.

Ok then, next week has to be a princess week - respectively a prince week in my case.

Here are some more photos from my today's Digipirsch through the Nuremberg Main Station and the Underground.

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