Monday, January 21, 2008

Slow Motion Brunch

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Some things have to be slow and long. Having brunch on a Sunday is one of them for me.
I really love sitting in a Café, sipping a hot beverage, eating slowly and chatting with some friends for hours and hours.
For me it's great to surf through dozends of different topics without thinking about whether it makes perfect sense or not.
Here is a small selection of topics from today's brunch:

Low pressure in the space suit of the geman astronaut Thomas Reiter
T-Shirts with the message "Kill Flocke" (Flocke is the name of an ice bear baby in Nuremberg)
Euphoric feelings in the pump chamber in an flooded query in 25m depth
Being sharp on time
Hillary Clinton vs. Barak Obama
The hairdresser appointments of Jürgen Klinsmann (the former couch of the German national soccer team)
Meeting the bodyguards of our Chancellor Angela Merkel
The position of Bill Clinton's brain

This photo is my contribution to the task "I love it" of my Flickr group "Project: Glimpse". See the group's page for more photos and infos about its weekly tasks.

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