Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bildung und Streben



Doch die Sonne duldet kein Weißes

Überall regt sich Bildung und Streben

Alles will sie mit Farben beleben

Doch an Blumen fehlt's im Revier

sie nimmt geputzte Menschen dafür



I thought that my awakening from winter hibernation was already last week. I was wrong.
Today it had 16°C and that's more than unusual for February. The meadows and forests were full of people enjoying the sun.
One wasn't able to stay inside - at least not me.
Today was the first day to drive with an open canopy top, my iPod played "Beautiful World" [listen...] from Colin Hay and I was singing along very loud and very false. All the people I saw were smiling - not because my singing (I hope) but because of the warm air and the sun.

No all-year-long sunshine like in California can substitute such a day. No way.


Oh - just in case you missed it: Colin Hay is right, it IS a beautiful world.


  1. I was hiking with friends over the weekend. Guess what - I made pictures of a Tagpfauenauge and a Weidenkätzchen, too.


  2. living everyday in a sunny country makes us forget how beautiful the shining sun is, for me a similar feeling of happiness comes alive when I am sitting next to the warm sea. Cel