Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dy(e)ing Yellow

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This yellow flower was standing beside my monitor for almost three weeks smiling at me all day long. Now its time is over and the yellow color is about to die.
I hope the flower knows that its life was more than valuable because it did an amazing job in cheering me up.

Lucky you if you can claim such a valuable life for yourself, too.

This photo is my contribution to the task "The Yellow Week" of my Flickr group "Project: Glimpse".
The task was to make a photo of the "yellow-aspect" of my week.
See the group's page for more photos and infos about its weekly tasks.


  1. What a perspective!

  2. Schöner Blickwinkel, große Aussage. Gefällt auch wegen des Schärfeverlaufs!