Monday, March 24, 2008

As Much as You Want


"Usually one of my CDs is 15 Euros. Today I try really desperately to sell them and it's fu**ing hard because of the cold weather. You know what - you can give me as much as you want".

After a funny chat with the (probably Irish) street musician I gave him 10 Euros for his CD and the wish for one more song.

"You can give as much as you want".

This sentence seemed kind of important for me. Not because of this CD but in general.
Most of the time one could give a lot more than expected - a lot more. Why don't we just give a bit more? We wouldn't even notice it because we have more than we need - in almost every aspect.
The lady at the checkout in the supermarket expects nothing more than a "Same to you". Why not giving her a "I wish you the best possible workday and only smiling customers"?
Why the hell is it that less what we are willing to give?
At least I could try to give just a little bit more than expected when it comes to being kind. I guess it's worth it.


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