Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Beginning, End and the Time Between


It's only about the time between.

Most of the time I'm not aware that something is about to begin or that the end of something is near. Most of the time it's ok because life is full of such situations.
Some periods last many decades, some of them are about years and some of them exist only for a few days or even only for a breath.

Sometime it's really absurd how little time is available between start and end.
As soon as you realized that something important has started it's over.

Lucky you if you managed to make the time between begin and end valuable and satisfying.

Changes are good and important but they really leech a lot of energy out of your mind.

These days I have the feeling that beginning and end are too close together. Let's see how to deal with it.



  1. Actually, there is no End at all, because an End is automatically a new Beginning. So really its only the Time between the Beginning to the next Beginning. Maybe you should see it like that.

  2. hey, schau dir doch mal das universe in a box auf astronomy picture of the day vom 30.03. an, falls nicht schon passiert