Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Cemetery of the Nameless


If I would create a Top-5-List of the saddest places I know, this one would be in it.

There's a spot near the river Danube in Vienna where the current washed dead bodies to the shore regularly in the last century.
In most cases the identity of the dead was completely unknown and the bodies were buried directly on site in the cemetery of the nameless.
Nowadays there are no new graves because the current of the river changed due to a harbor built nearby. The cemetery is now surrounded by industrial buildings and the noise of machines.
It was very difficult to find the place in the middle of all this factories.
I felt pity for the nameless humans buried without memories beneath howling machines.

I wanted to visit this place for many years and although it was a sad place I'm glad that I did it.

Hopefully we leave a few happy memories behind for our friends when we die instead of a simple sign saying "unknown, male".


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