Thursday, April 17, 2008

Smell the Life


Do you know the "Lush" soap shops? They sell hand made soap made of vegan ingredients.
Well, soap doesn't sound that interesting, does it? Ha - it's quite the other way round.

The brilliant thing about a Lush soap is that it doesn 't look like boring soap but like a small cake, jello, a piec of coal or like dried mud.
I stumpled into the shop because the smell floating out of the open door worked like a magnet for my nose.

It was great to see the customers standing around concentrating only on their sense of smell for a change after have seen a piece they like.
A serious looking guy holding his nose on a black something that looks like a coal is very funny, believe me.

Exploring the world only by scent could be very thrilling and enlightening. Damn, how to make a nose more sensitive for scent?

The explore-by-scent-thing comes into my mind from time to time. Sometimes I take notes after intense smelling moments.
[ Here ] are some of my eight year old notes from August 2000 from a smelled afternoon (in German language).



What smells do YOU connect with special moments or places?


PS: The Lush shop in Nuremberg is just opposite to the main portal of the Lorenzkirche. Try it!

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  1. Wenn ich hier in einen Miniwald gehe und das Baumharz der Nadelbäume rieche, kann ich mir fast einreden zu Hause zu sein. Gerüche bestimmen unser Leben manchmal mehr, als wir denken.