Friday, May 23, 2008

Name Follows Function


My favorite ice cream parlor (German: "Eisdiele") - although it is closed since many years and although I never ate ice cream there. I drive by very often and finally I stopped to take some photos.
I like the clear message of the sign. It doesn't babble marketing nonsense like "Ice Café Romantic" or "Dolomites Ice Dream" but only what this building is about. It's like the key message of the Bauhaus-style: "Form follows function". Nowadays not many buildings clearly state what they are about.
Don't say the Eisdiele looks old fashioned and not cosy at all - it's all about ice cream and not about cosiness.

Usually I read most of the self made stickers on walls in the city. This one found on the wall of the Eisdiele I liked in particular. It says "I want to swing and look into the sky". I try to take this as my order for the day - even if only my thoughts swing.

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