Thursday, May 08, 2008

Night Concert

Last weekend I was on a nightly hunt for a Geocache with a few friends.
I really love these hikes in a pitch black forest. The air is cold with a wonderful scent. You hear little noises from animals you never hear during daylight because your eyes dominate your senses.
This time we came by a few fish ponds and the frogs were either arguing or having a big party. The were so incredibly loud that I couldn't resist but standing and listening in the darkness near the ponds for 15 minutes after my friends left.

Nature is great in providing soundtracks if one dares to listen.

PS: It's not your monitor's fault that the video appears black. This one is only about the sound.


  1. Das nenne ich ein Froschkonzert :-)

  2. Zuerst dachte ich, da war mal wieder jemand auf Konzert ...
    aber dann genoss er das Konzert der Natur.
    Ich unterstelle mal: Könnten wir wirklich hinhören, wird es nichts geben, das das Konzert der Natur übertreffen kann.
    Emfpehlung; Audiotipp:
    Nada Brahma - Die Welt ist Klang (von Joachim Ernst Behrendt)

    klangvollen Tag !!


  3. Listening is like being there imagining the scene, good idea, cel