Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Smell of a Rock

Klettern Leupoldstein IMG_7025

The first outdoor climbing afternoon after a long winter.
The scent of the rocks amazed me. I have had already forgotten how intense it smells to climb outdoor.
You might claim that a rock doesn't have a scent - you are completely wrong.
You can smell the dirt in the holes, you can smell the grass on top, you can smell the rotten leaves covering the stones and you can even smell the sun that warmed the stone.

Climbing with some friends is a 100% battery charger for me. I hope we will have a lot more of these events this summer.

Klettern Leupoldstein IMG_7009

Klettern Leupoldstein IMG_7040

Shooting this photos war kind of an adventure. I hung at the top end of the wall with my camera and secured with my seat belt. I guess I never took photos before in such a strange setting.

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