Sunday, May 25, 2008



Today during breakfast at the terrace I watched a really interesting teamwork at the plant behind me head. 
A ant was milking a small flock of plant louses. I could really see how the ant was tapping at the louses to make them secrete the sweet fluid that ants love. I just read about it and found out that both parties anticipate from that. The ant gets that sweet liquid the louse collected from the plant and in return the ant protects the louse from ladybugs and even drags it to fresh leaves.
It was amazing to realize who good it works if all parties contribute what they can do best.
It made me think what kind of symbioses I'm part of and what things I contribute. A prerequisite for that would be to realize what things I can do best. On the other hand: I don't think that louse and ant know what their added value is and it works though.
I think I skip thinking about my skills and just live.

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