Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I´m sitting in a street café in Würzburg right now watching the people passing by.

I often think about whether the folks around me are happy or not.
This time I tried to get a quantified impression by counting the happy and the grumpy looking faces.
After 10 minutes I ended up with 31 happy faces and 34 grumpy ones.
That´s not too bad for a grumpy country like Germany, isn´t it? I mean almost half of the people look happy in a way.
Not sure in what column the stroke for myself would be.
Maybe I should ask a stranger whether I look happy. Am I afraid of the answer? Probably yes.


  1. Is that your real-world diary? Very impressing!

  2. I think you would look like an overflowing muffin :)

  3. Echt eine gute Idee !
    Prima Beschäftigung - das könnte man auf andere Eigenschaften auch ausdehnen ...

    lg, N./DD

  4. welches Würzburger Strassencafe wars denn?