Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Future Cities

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What do you expect from your future? How do you want to live? Where do you want to live? How should the perfect city of your future look like?
I have no clue about my personal future city but yesterday I got an impression about how the folks in the 16th century thought about future cities.
During a walk through my current city (Nuremberg) I shot a few photos inside the Sebaldus Church. It houses the very famous grave of Saint Sebaldus. I watched it several times during the last years but until yesterday I never looked at the top of the grave canopy. To my astonishment I realized that there's a complete city up there - the heavenly Jerusalem. In former centuries the people thought that a new shining city would descend from heaven after the Last Judgement - called the new Jerusalem.
Well I do think that the current Nuremberg looks slightly different than the sculpture the artist Peter Vischer imagined.
Long tin snakes crouching through the streets, people in hurry everywhere and less green every day.
Is this how we all want to live? Damn, we should start working on the blueprint for our very own future city

The photo is a HDR and calculated out of five single shots using the software Photomatix Pro 3.

PS: Notice the colored windows in the background - they survived WW2.

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  1. I would recommend Thomas Morus "Utopia" and Platon´s "State" for visions of future cities.
    When I´m reading - only parts of it - book like these, than I ´ll be a friend of absolutely organic growing.
    In this special case even the cities.