Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One More Schmap Photo from Hamburg

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The guys from the online travel guide www.schmap.com contacted me again because they want to use another of my photos for the next edition of their city guide.
The photo shows the old tunnel beyond the Elbe river in Hamburg.

Nice to notice that the work I did in tagging my photos and adding the GPS coordinates in Flickr helps to find my photos.

A few months ago I watched the nice little German movie "Absolute Giganten". It's one of my favorite movies and it is located in Hamburg. During a car chase the main characters hide in exactly that tunnel. I was amazed because the scene in the movie looked exactly like my photo - including the yellow light. Unfortunately I have to admit that the film was first.
[ Here... ] is one sequence of the movie that I like a lot. It's not the one with the car chase but the best table soccer game ever.


  1. Cool! I'm a little proud that I show you these places ;-)

  2. Congrats! I know this tunnel from a reportage about a world record - the longest (model) train. I had no time to see it myself during my last visit in Hamburg.