Thursday, July 31, 2008



I love to eat Crêpe. My favorite taste is Nutella and bananas.
Sometimes when I order one I ask the cook whether he/she can dribble me a Nutella face on it before folding the pancake. I never succeeded so far.
The last time I asked a Crêpe-girl for a face she gave me one instead of "painting" it on the Crêpe because she looked at me as if I came from Mars. She had no idea what I'm talking about and just ignored my question.
Last Saturday in Munich I tried again, with almost no hope.

Udo: One Crêpe with Nutella and bananas, please. Oh, and could you please dripple a face on it?
Crêpe-Girl: A face? OK, no problem.
Udo: You simply say "OK"? You are the very first Crêpe-cook that don't think I'm a Marsian.
Crêpe-Girl: You know what? Sometimes I dripple faces for myself when I'm alone.
Udo: You are my heroine of the day.
Crêpe-Girl: Is it ok when I use the banana as eyes and hair?

Usually I don't eat food with eyes because I'm a vegetarian. This one was an exception.
I guess I don't have to say that this particular Crêpe was one of the best I ever ate and I'm pretty sure that the smiling Nutella face kept grinning inside my stomach.

@Blafasel: Maybe you are right with your theory that it's city related. Hamburg seems to be less "facy" than Munich.

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