Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bardentreffen, Day 2 - Che Sudaka

Oh my god, these boys rocked. The band was called "Che Sudaka" and the members have their roots in Colombia and Argentina.
The whole bunch jumped around on stage as if on rhythm-drugs.
It was really impossible to stand still while listening to the explosive sound of Latin-Punk, Ska and Ragga-Raggae. This is good in general but not if one tries to take photos. I messed up most of my pics with my little jumps. In the end I don't give a damn and concentrated on cheering and dancing instead of taking photos.
The energy Che Sudaka created was awesome and I don't see so much fun on stage very often. The crowd felt the same way and didn't stop cheering "otra otra" until the band performed 3 or 4 blocks of encores.

In parallel the "Leningrad Cowboys" played on the main stage. I had a quick look at their funny hairs and then walked on to the Che Sudaka. It was the best decision of my day.

[ Here ] are some audio samples of Che Sudaka. 


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