Monday, August 25, 2008

Found Pizza

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Yesterday I got a funny mail from a stranger.
A woman from USA (Arizona) contacted me and told me that she went to a Pizzeria in Chicago for a famous deep dish pizza.
The place is called "Gino's East" near the Water Tower in Chicago.
She said that she wants to create a page in her scrapbook with some memories of that particular evening including a receipt and a business card from Gino's. The only missing thing was a photo from the outside. She searched Flickr and found one of my geotagged photos I took in November 2007 and asked me whether she can use it for her scrapbook.
Of course it's ok for me and I'm already curious for the scan of her scrapbook page.

It's so damn amazing that a photo can connect the memories of two people that never met and never will.

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