Sunday, August 31, 2008

Freeze Frame


Usually I don't recommend any movies. This time I do. I got reminded of one of my all-time-favorite movies. The film is called "Elizabethtown".
Actually it's only a small ordinary chick-flick movie: Surreal story and hopelessly romantic but I really really love it.

In this movie a girl called Claire (Kirsten Dunst) tries to capture important moments with a gesture like taking a photo. I call this gesture "Freeze Frame".
Since many years I think about how valuable it would be to have such a freeze frame gesture at hand. In one of those moments you want to remember for ever and ever you would just have to make your Freeze Frame move and the particular moment would be archived in your mind. The Freeze Frame would not only include what you see in that moment but also the smell of the air, the feeling of the wind on the hairs on arm, it would also save the noises around you and - most important - it would capture what you think and feel in this moment.
How does this sound?
When you feel bad or lonely or love sick or bored you could replay the Freeze Frame moment and it would be clear again that beside of all your worries there are wonderful situations and that it's worth going on until the next of those moments.

Click [ here ] to watch the trailer for Elizabethtown on YouTube.
By the way: The soundtrack is also very nice.

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