Sunday, September 28, 2008

Still Alive

Hey, it has been a while, hasn´t it?
For some reason I didn´t blog much in the last three weeks.
Probably because my mind was flooded with new impressions.
This is just a quick note that I´m fine and that my trip is a cool adventure so far.
More to come - stay tuned.


  1. Good to hear a little sign of live from you! I hope, that your journey live up to its promise.

  2. Hi Udo,
    i`m amused to hear to you, i hope for you to have a ball on your fly around the world.
    a little snack for your laugh muscles found here:,1518,581037,00.html

    i hope you bring also slogans from the pilot of your flyt at home.

    have enjoy on your tripp

    tracer(good old bavaria)