Friday, October 10, 2008

The Elevator in Us

Obviously it was only an "e" that fell off the sign but I liked the new meaning much more.
The thought of a kind of mind-elevator in my head is sometimes just appropriate for me.

Such a inner-elevator would be responsible to lift me to the next level in life. Sometimes it is out of order or it just left and I have to wait and wait for the next one. Most of the times the waiting period is very long.

From time to time - and that's even worse - I am confronted with signs like the one on the photo that try to convince me that there is no elevator for lifting our minds at all.
Well, I do believe in my little elevator theory - regardless of all signs.

Stupidly I don't have any schedule for the elevator in me and I don't have a friggin' clue how to repair it when it is broken.
Any hints are appreciated.

By the way: I saw the sign in Canada at the Niagara Falls and I will show you some more photos from this nice place soon.


  1. There will always be stairs! The elevator is just the easiest way. You have to climb each single step - out of breath but still enouth motivation to reach the aim on the top!

  2. I think, go by elevator is not the correct way. It's a passive way but life is not passive. I imagine, you have to hoist yourselve on a platform of circumstances.