Thursday, October 23, 2008

Handstands in Las Vegas

After lots of days with no Internet access or activities more attractive than sitting in front of a computer the blogging guy is back.
I have lots of things to tell and tons of photos to share but this time it is only a short note that I am still alive.
Currently I am in Las Vegas (and I think it is horrible) and in an hour I will drive towards the Grand Canyon. It seems as if I'm more into great landscapes than slot machines.

The next days I will try to catch up with some photos from the last weeks.

What I want to share with you right now is not a photo but a song.
Yesterday while strolling through Las Vegas I was sitting on a bench below a huge huge huge LCD screen and an ad for iPod Nano was running in an infinite loop. The song within the ad managed to sneak into my head and I hummed it the whole day.
I am pretty sure that I will connect the song to stupid theme hotels like 'The Venetian' or to millions of flashing lights my whole life. I call such things 'songs with attachment'.

The song is nothing sophisticated but you never know what song makes it to a 'song with attachment'.
This one is called 'Bruises' from the band 'Chairlift' and is about the bruises one makes by doing handstands for another person.

Here is the video. Maybe it beams you to Las Vegas, too.


  1. Ojemineh, das birgt erhebliche Ohrwurm-, wenn nicht sogar Suchtgefahr!

  2. Ein erschreckendes Beispiel für Musikvermarktungsmodelle. Es lebe Branded Entertainment...*seufz*.

  3. I would also go for the landscape - lost already enough money in Iceland :-( ... And thanks - the songs is now in my head too ;-)