Friday, October 10, 2008

Lonely Planet Packages

Today I sent home the first load of Lonely Planet Guidebooks and fridge magnets.
In the meanwhile I am in Toronto/Canada and a book about South Africa or Brazil is of only limited use here and I want to have a few kilos less in my backpack.
Of course I could simply throw the stuff away but I'm too sentimental to lose all my little comments, the marked places and the filthy edges.
In the post office there was a man with a beard like Moses himself and he helped me a lot although he smelled like an alcohol container at 10AM in the morning. I told him that air mail isn't necessary and the several weeks a boat would need are just perfect for the package.

It was one of the strangest shopping experiences to enter a book shop in Sao Paulo/Brazil as a German guy to buy a guide book about Canada.
On the one hand I felt very decadent but on the other hand like the king of the world because I really dared to start my little adventure journey.

1 comment:

  1. Throwing books away?
    This is MURDER!!!
    I asked at the post office in Iceland about the difference between airmail and Non-airmail. Actually, all letters and stuff leave Iceland in the same plane on the same day - no ship at all! It´s just getting dusty in some shelf for some weeks before the recipient gets it.