Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Toronto Pavement, Part 1 / Canada

I am pretty sure the duck felt like the king/queen of the world after walking through the wet concrete.

I spent only a few days in Toronto on my way to San Francisco. Canada is not on my travel list this time because it would take much more time.

For a reason I don't understand my Toronto experience was about pavements and sidewalks. I like to look down to the ground and watch for small things lying on the floor. Therefore I decided to see Toronto not by the usual way of looking up (e.g. at skyscrapers) but by keeping my eyes down.

Nice idea but more difficult that it seems - at least for me

Trans-gender? Trans-lucent? Trans-parent?

Life is good - even for a gully

The stains looked like a smiling sperm. I didn't add eyes or mouth, it was just stains. Do sperms have a funny life by default?

One more method of advertising. I do like the album 'Parachutes' much more than the new one


  1. Viva la vida is my favorite song of the last 2 months, though the title has nothing to do with lyrics, but who cares Viva la vida!!Cel

  2. Concrete, concrete, concrete :-) Actually, some areas of Canada are real Mekkas for us concrete freaks. They have a lot of damage in ther constructions. I know, very interesting to know for everybody ;-) I wish you a great time!

  3. Der Gulli ist genial !
    ja, die ganze Bilderserie !!
    thx for sharing