Thursday, October 30, 2008

Toronto Pavement, Part 2 - Sidewalk Breaks / Canada

Who says that the sidewalk is only for walking? If it is a sunny day it can be perfect for just sitting down and having your lunch break.
After the big big city Sao Paulo it felt completely different to be in Toronto. Everything was much more slow and relaxed. The sidewalk wasn't the living room for street kids but only the canteen for some workers. It was like an inverse culture shock.
In addition I was able to joke with the construction workers a bit because the language barrier wasn't that high as in Brazil - although my strong German accent.

PS: Did you notice the pig on the helmet of the worker on the left?


  1. Bin ja eher überrascht, dass sie alle Helme und Sicherheitsschuhe tragen. Soviel Arbeitssicherheit sieht mal selten auf Baustellen. Trotzdem herrlicher Helm!

  2. tolles Foto - und prima Stimmung eingefangen! da kriegt man gleich bessere Laune nach der Mittagspause.

  3. Ich würde sagen, dass nicht der starke deutsche Akzent das Problem ist, sondern der fränkische ;-)

  4. That pig has big ears. Are you sure it is a pig? Maybe you should work at it and incorporate it into your tattoo artistry. Just a thought.