Thursday, October 30, 2008

Toronto Pavement, Part 3 - The Old Lady and the Pavement Flower / Canada

Imagine a few people standing in Toronto at the waterfront waiting for the ferry boat to a little island in Lake Ontario. One of them is an old lady. She is constantly moaning and seems to be very grumpy. A tourist stands nearby.

Old Lady: The ferry boat is late again.
Tourist: So we can at least enjoy the nice view to the island a little longer.
Old Lady: But look at all the ugly condos-buildings near the water. They destroyed the whole waterfront.
Tourist: I think it is still nice.
Old Lady: They also removed the benches here at the ferry terminal. Seniors like me have to sit.
Tourist: Do you see the boat over there? I guess it is our ferry. Only a few more minutes.
Old Lady: Some time ago the whole place was full of flowers. Now it is only concrete and asphalt.
Tourist: So you would like to have flowers here?
Old Lady: Of course. Look how ugly it is without flowers.
Tourist: Ok, give me a minute.
[Tourist knees down and draws something on the floor with a piece of chalk]
Old Lady: What are you doing?
Tourist: Be patient.
[Tourist stands up]
Old Lady: Oh, you painted me a flower. That's nice. A chalk flower.
[Old Lady forgets to be grumpy and starts smiling]
Tourist: Do you think the place is less ugly, now?
Old Lady: Yes, I do think it is a little nicer now. By the way, I am Gina. I go to the island several times a week to feed two horses and a donkey in a little park. Do you want to join me?
Tourist: Of course, I want to. My name is [...]. Nice to meet you.
[The old Lady and the tourist enter the ferry boat and the pavement flower hopefully stays there until the next rain].


  1. Hey muff, as always very friendly and with very nice ideas, just a very simple doubt , do you travel every day with chalks in your pocket???? ;) Cel

  2. Cel, believe it or not but I am traveling with chalk every single day (even hiking up steep hills in Yosemite). Actually it's not only chalk but also something to write on.

  3. And she doesn't had to leave a aphorism on your chalkboard?

  4. Du bist und bleibst der "Zauberer des L├Ąchelns"

  5. I love this. Did you feed the animals at the park?