Saturday, November 01, 2008

Perfect Timing / Niagara Falls, Canada

On Top of Niagara Falls

Being in Toronto and not visiting the Niagara Waterfalls would be a sin, wouldn't it?
There's nothing wrong with a little sin from time to time but actually I love waterfalls - so I went to visit the falls.
At the first glance I was very annoyed - not by the falls, they were great and very impressing - but by the stupid Disneyland crap the Canadians built right beside the river.
Several casino towers, a Ferris wheel and stupid restaurants like 'Planet Hollywood' is not what I expect when I visit a wonder of nature. What a difference to the waterfalls in Brazil and Argentina (see also my posting about Foz de Iguacu).

Although the weather was bad, the big white cloud of mist above the falls impressed me so much that I decided to go closer using the famous boat 'Maid of the Mist'. I didn't expect much because it is a really touristy thing but finally I am nothing more than a tourist.
They gave me a big blue plastic coat and clever little Udo even had a plastic bag for his digital camera.
As soon as the boat started a taped voice started blubbering very loud telling facts about the waterfalls through water proof speakers. I didn't pay attention because I was staring at the falls.
The boat came very close to the falls - very close. The falls have the shape of a horse shoe and the 'Maid of the Mist' dared to advance right to the middle so that I had water on 3 sides.

The boat was shaking, it was very wet and I was surrounded by high walls of roaring water. I never experiences something like this. And just in the moment when I bended backwards to look up the white walls the tape voice shouted:
'Ladies and Gentlemen - this is Niagara Falls' with a little pause between every words of the second part of the second part of the sentence.

I wasn't really able to think but my head was like 'hell yeah, you guys are so right'.
In general melodramatic speeches like this don't work for me but the perfect timing of this single sentence blew me away.
You can say what you want about North American folks but they are the masters of good shows.
Kudos to you guys, but you should get of the casino crap!

Blue People Approach the Water Wall

Little 'Maid of the Mist' vs. Niagara Falls

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