Monday, November 24, 2008

Ready for Boarding - A Chalkboard and the World / Part 1

This is one of the most precious postings I ever published because it consists of many many valuable moments of my recent life on the road.

Visiting nice landscapes is only a part of the story when it comes to travelling. At least for me it is about meeting interesting people.
I met such an amazing variety of funny, interesting, smart and inspiring people in the last months and I never expected it to be that way.

There is a little chalk board in my backpack and sometimes I dare to ask my counterpart to write down a word or a phrase on it that reflects his or her day best - a word of the day.
Take it as an attempt to conserve a tiny tiny piece of that human being in my head.

Most of the times it happens after an interesting talk or after spending some time together.
It is very surprising to me that almost everyone I ask is willing to share a word and a photo with me.

There's a little story behind every single photo and the moments with these strangers enriched my life very much.
Of course you don't know the little stories and precious moments behind the photos but you can watch the small movie I created out of the first bunch of chalk board photos, though. Maybe it gives you a idea of what my journey is like. Be prepared - the video is more than six minutes long.

If you have a fast Internet connection you can watch the video in [higher quality], too.

If you recognize yourself in the movie it would be great if you could write a comment to this posting using the 'Comment' link below. If you are not in the video, feel free to comment, too.
Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your life with me - you rock!

More chalk board photos to come in the next months.

Addendum: The still photos contained in this video can be seen on my Flickr account [here...]


  1. AMAZING! Truly! Yes, I'm one of those in the vid... just one American girl amongst lots of other very cool looking people! Enjoy the rest of your journey Udo...

  2. I think this creative mind is more inspired than ever, very good idea, I hope you already know how to ask for a "chalk" in a store when you make it to China, glad you are posting again Muff. Cel

  3. Love this video and this idea much. Especially because the chalkboard itself it's a memory. Just at the beginning you can call it 'tabula rasa'. Every new letter never disappears entirely. A very slight imprint remains. In the same way our brain remembers.

  4. Hi & Aloha!! it's a pleasure to see all those smiling people! I'm sure you're partly responsible for this happiness. Be sure to help us getting away from home in reading your blog and pictures!
    I saw the bird catching the clouds :-) Em

  5. Hiya!! I hope you're enjoying a lot Udo! I'm Marta, a spanish girl who appears in the video with her family in God's Window, (Southafrica). Lovely idea, we hope you have a great journey!